About Us

Our Mission

Turtle Bay’s mission is to maximize client profits through cost-effective solutions, stringent controls, and uncovering additional revenue streams.

Our goal is to ensure the value of the services our clients receive far exceeds the cost.

Our Approach

Comprehensive Service

As your advisor, we take a holistic cost-reduction view of your organization, beginning with 

  • Assess your payment processing solution
  • Review existing contracts for cost control opportunity
  • Uncover tax strategies along with accelerated depreciation advantages and Employee Retention Credits (ERTC)
  • Review global supply chain costs and implement optimizations
  • 1%+ rebate for accounts payable transactions via virtual payments

We aim to find cost savings, better service, and support opportunities where applicable; on your behalf.

Personalized Solutions

This is where we come in as your complimentary advisor. You know us by face and name, we know you, your business, and your goals.

Building relationships takes time and we are committed to that investment with you.

Allow us to show you our commitment rather than tell you about it. Reach out to us today for an introductory and discovery call.


Our Founder

“At Turtle Bay Business Solutions, we provide the direct relationships, low cost, reliable support, and care that I wished were provided to me as a multi-business owner. As a fellow business owner, it is my duty, responsibility, and obligation to advocate and advise for other business owners and enterprise leaders to ensure that each client is fully informed about their business costs, solutions, and potential revenue streams!

We strive to drive down costs without sacrificing quality, where possible, and it makes sense.” 

Turtle Bay Payment Solutions Founder, Karena Bell

Karena Bell

An Industry Leader

With 30+ years in enterprise IT, fintech, program mgt., advising C-Level leaders, and a multi-business owner herself. Karena founded Turtle Bay Business Solutions to advocate and advise for and serve fellow business owners and enterprise leaders about critical business solutions that can oftentimes be confusing, frustrating, and expensive;  when they really shouldn’t be.

Reach out to Karena today for an introductory call at Karena@turtlebaysls.com or schedule an introductory meeting on her calendar here: